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Delicious… Error Message

Tried to sign up to be notified when "Delicious Library" would be available. Instead got:

Error in query: INSERT INTO librarynotificationlist(emailaddress) VALUES('email_here'). Got error 122 from table handler
Warning: Unknown(): write failed: Disk quota exceeded (122) in Unknown on line 0

Warning: Unknown(): Failed to write session data (files). Please verify that the current setting of session.save_path is correct (/tmp) in Unknown on line 0

Great. Gives me so much confidence that the product will be worth $40!

14 Responses to "Delicious… Error Message"

  1. but the programmers did not do the websites, another person developed the website.

  2. I don't care who did the site: it shouldn't have such an error. 😛

  3. Why do I expect the Cult of Omni Development to come out of the woodwork to defend themselves all of a sudden?

  4. Their website is also incompatible with IE (is this good or bad? 🙂

  5. Damn!

    An XSS attack and potential race condition attack in one hit!

    Yeah, I'd stay away from those guys if web apps is what they do. 🙂

  6. That error is a good thing. It appears the DB is out of space, which means there has been tons of interest in their product! You're a programmer, you can interpret error messages...

  7. I can read error messages. The one above tells me: there's not enough space on the disk to add a single small string (my email address is, what, ten bytes?). Let's assume the average email address is 16 bytes. If every Mac user in the world registered (25,000,000), that'd be a database that's under 400 MB.

    In other words, they (or their developer, whoever that is) has made a pretty silly mistake.

  8. Perhaps he has a super small allocation at his web provider. Something like 5 MB, and he's already filled the DB with other things, plus the system tables, overhead, etc.

    But really, my only point was to try to give the guy some slack. I obviously don't know the whole story, maybe they really are idiots!

  9. Come on. Quit making lame excuses for them. Any company is going to have more then 5 MB of web space. I guarantee Delicious Monster has plenty of space available. Who ever did their web page has a stupid mistake somewhere. It's going to be something that they smack their forehead when they see it because the error will be so stupid.

  10. Of course, it is always possible that their ISP has a bunch of muppets working for them, and that they have upgraded and/or reconfigered the database on the server without telling their clients.

    And yes, this has happened to me in the past. And they are no longer my ISP.

    I also have a another client whose forum is *always* going offline with SQL errors, as the DB server/forum software is badly configured and corrupts that tables on a regular basis. And he's too cheap to move ISP or pay to reinstall the forum.

    So maybe their web developer isn't even aware of the error, and the polite thing to do might have been to tell him, rather than publically slam the whole company and their unreleased products?

  11. A very brilliant comment here.

    By the way it's won O'reilly OS X award.

    And soon the ADA. No doubt.

  12. And which comment would that be, Olivier?

  13. So, Delicious Library came out today, and what do I get when attempting to "upgrade" from another application? The company, thus far, is deliciously oh-for-two. Some day, perhaps I'll be able to try the actual product! In the meantime I'm...

  14. Now it's just getting to be silly. We sincerely apologize, but we accidentally left some expiration code from our beta program in the final version of the application you bought, so it stopped working today. We feel horrible about letting...