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Halloween iPod

Introducing: the Halloween iPod.

Ipod Halloween

And other rejected Limited Edition iPods. And the Ashlee Simpson iPod.

4 Responses to "Halloween iPod"

  1. I think that the U2 iPod looks cool.

  2. I guess you'll just have to wait until Apple releases their R.E.M. Special Edition iPod. 😛

    I like the U2 iPod. It has my two favorite colors, and it comes (well, a gift certificate to buy them) with every U2 song ever recorded. Not a bad deal for a U2 fan. Too bad I still don't have the money for it. Poop.

  3. Actually, the gift certificate is only for $50, but the box set costs $149.

    And the U2 iPod is $50 more than an equivalent iPod without the coupon.


    As for the colors, it appears that the new album art is going to be largely black and red, which explains the iPod's colors.

  4. I finally watched the SNL video after having it forwarded 100 times, and was ashamed at how hard I laughed. That poor, poor girl. *shakes head*