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Design Changes

The site's going to be a mess for a day or two. The main page is mostly done (much tweaking to be done), but the individual archives and whatnot are going to be unstyled (or, rather, improperly styled).

I tried to get away from having a sidebar, but you simply can't read content that's 800 pixels wide. It looks awkward. I moved the buttons to the top so that they can be a primary focus. I haven't validated yet. I don't know whether I like the color of the categories, and so on.

Leave your comments, but realize that the design you're seeing may not be the design I've written about here (or the one someone else commented on) as it will change over time.

Carey and I are going out for the evening, though, so I'm done designing for today.

7 Responses to "Design Changes"

  1. The graphics look really good. Do you do all your own original artwork?

  2. Looks great. I look forward to what it will look like all tweaked out.

  3. I read this in my RSS aggregator, so it will continue to look as it does.


  4. I actually like it a lot...

  5. I like this version. In this version, the scroll wheel on my mouse actually scrolls the page in Camino, so that gets mad props.

  6. At least its a little more colorful than your old one. 🙂

  7. Me likee.