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Utopia Font

I'm considering using "Utopia" in my new blog's design, but am not sure where the font comes from. Any ideas? It appears to be an Adobe font. I'll research it more after I work on the design more here in Photoshop, but I thought someone might have the answer before I get around to it.

5 Responses to "Utopia Font"

  1. It looks (just from a casual search) to be a Linotype font:

  2. According to MyFonts, it's definitely Linotype.

  3. Thank you for the comments, but neither tell me what software might install it so that I could determine whether a good % of my visitors would have it.

  4. I think that it was donated to X11 a long time ago. Every X11 implementation I've seen in recent memory has it.

  5. According to Adobe, Slimbach designed the font for them in 1989:

    As for cross-platform issues: Utopia is not a default font for any Windows version I've ever used; I'm not sure about Macs.