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Patriots 20, Steelers 34

steelershelmet.jpgEight in a row we can't do much about. 21 in a row we can: Boston-area fans had better hold on to their Red Sox streak, because the Patriots were sent home with a crushing loss today after being defeated by my Pittsburgh Steelers.

The Steelers lead nearly the entire game and controlled the football and the clock. Four turnovers (two picks, two fumbles) led to 24 of the Steelers' 34 points, and only when the Steelers defense played soft was New England able to move the ball. Late in the game, with New England needing the ball and Pittsburgh needing to run time off the clock, the Steelers repeatedly ran down the throat of the New England defense for positive yards, first downs, and more time off the clock. 221 yards rushing to 4. Time of possession? 42:58 to 17:02. That, my friends, is how you stop a 21-game winning streak dead in its tracks.

Plaxico BurressIt's tough to think of one area in which the Steelers didn't dominate this week. The line of scrimmage was owned by the black and gold, knocking people back and protecting Roethlisberger and putting a lot of pressure on Brady. When your team has the ball for nearly 43 minutes, you've imposed your will on the other team. The New England Patriots, simply put, were punched in the mouth time and time again on both sides of the ball.

To be fair, it was an exciting game and New England was missing Corey Dillon. Of course, Dillon ran for less than 60 yards in his last four starts against the Steelers, so his effectiveness may not have contributed much. The Patriots would still have found themselves down 21-3 early: a "pass a lot" kind of score in any league.

Roethlisberger was 18 of 24 for 196 yards, two TDs, and no interceptions. His completion percentage is now just above 70%, and right around the all-time season record of 70.9% or so. You know, a few years ago the veteran Drew Bledsoe was injured and a rookie stepped in and took his team to a Super Bowl victory. That man - Tom Brady - was defeated by rookie Ben Roethlisberger. Is the same thing happening in Pittsburgh? Time will tell.

Next week, the highly overrated Philadelphia Eagles, who will come in undefeated as well at 7-0.

4 Responses to "Patriots 20, Steelers 34"

  1. Just a nitpick. Brady wasn't a rookie when he took the Pats to the Super Bowl. It was his second year. He had played in one game in 2000. 🙂

  2. after being defeated by my Pittsburgh Steelers

    Do you own the Steelers?

  3. A stupid question deserves a stupid answer. Yes, Karl, I own the Pittsburgh Steelers.

  4. The Steelers played arguably the worst team in the NFL (the Bengals and the Cardinals can breathe a sigh of relief, as can the 49ers) today: the Houston Texans. Every time David Carr looks like he's about to break through,...