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Volume Logic

Anyone tried Volume Logic for iTunes? I was fairly impressed with the difference it made in how my music sounded, but I'm not sure it's worth $19.95. I tend to leave most of my tracks on "Flat." The "trick" to VL seems to be a simple one: it makes your music louder. That's not exactly what it does, but that's how it seems. The presets are easily recreated in iTunes.

Volume Logic

Post your thoughts. There's a 15-day demo available if you want to give it a try.

4 Responses to "Volume Logic"

  1. "It makes your music louder" is not exactly what it does. There is some signal-processing going on that will make the overall impression of "louder" music. You can see this by the CPU usage of iTunes going up by some percent.

    I bought it some very long time ago and wouldn't miss it anymore.

    Unfortunately, it won'twork over AirTunes nor on the iPod. What a pity.

    There's some more ideas at Veerle's blog.

  2. I tried it some time ago, and was initially impressed with what it did, but upon further review, it began to grind on me. In particular, it did well with rock and hip hop, but not so well with any variant type recordings (for instance, experimental electronic music was mutated beyond pleasurable listening limits (and by experimental electronic music, I mean things like Lejaren Hiller or Iannis Xenakis, not dial-twiddling dance music)), and eventually determined not to buy it, based on those results.

    VL's trick, as it were, isn't so much just to boost volume as it is to compress everything with various EQ settings applied to the end result. Which, to the average listener's ear, sounds like "loudness",

  3. I think VL is awesome, it makes the more subtle sounds in music come alive IMHO. Music sounds empty without it to me these days... awesome program!

  4. I tried it and it froze my machine. Twice. That was the end of that. It probably conflicted with Synergy or something. Oh well...