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You know, the reaction by people over Apple's apparent disabling of iPodDownload has been ridiculous to say the least. Oh my goodness, Apple stopped people from doing something you can easily do in the Terminal?! What's up with that! Oh, you mean that sometimes that software (iPD) made it too easy to steal music!? Why, I'd never!

CDs are cheap. Burn a CD or copy the music to your iPod as regular data. Or, y'know, type sudo cp -R /Volumes/iPod/* ~/Desktop/iPod\ Stuff in the Terminal or something. Jeez people!

Dave Winer contributes his usual drivel.

13 Responses to "iPodDownload"

  1. I'm with you on this one Erik, though I tend to use the following line:

    cd /Volumes/iPod; find . -name '*.mp3' -exec cp {} /Users/garyr/Music/iPod

    Of course I've got to repeat it for m4a, or whatever the AAC files are. I seriously wonder why someone hasn't come up with some script that will rip out the iPod contents this way, scan the ID3 tags and build an iTunes XML file.

  2. maybe because every time someone does Apple closes the website down

  3. Gary, that's unnecessary. Just copy everything on the iPod (or in the hidden Music folder) and drag and drop it onto iTunes. Let iTunes build the XML file for you. Why worry about doing it manually?

  4. No, Apple doesn't care about programs that let you copy music from an iPod to your computer. They don't shut down their websites. What they care about are plugins/hacks to iTunes that let you do it through their own software. There's a difference.

  5. I agree wholeheartedly with this post.

    I seldom need to copy music back off my iPod (as it already exists on my external Firewire drive music library anyway), but on the rare occasion that I do, I just use terminal. If the people whining here spent as much time figuring out how to find their stuff in terminal as they do whining about their gui app not running correctly anymore, they'd have nothing to whine about.

    Oh wait, they have nothing to whine about now, but they're still doing it. Bollocks to them, I say.

  6. Erik-

    I've had issues with dupes when I drag and drop my audio files into iTunes. I suppose that with the new Dupe Finder in iTunes it would be easier to weed them out though.

  7. What gets me is the implication that Apple is sitting around working very hard to "control" music on the iPod, ignoring the high likelihood of agreements between Apple and the record companies (whose product they distribute on iTMS). Of course I don't know for sure, but I'd bet there's stuff in there forcing Apple to challenge these guys regardless of how they may feel.

  8. I totally understand with Apple's need to plug this, because it looks really bad to the record labels. However, I wish they hadn't because I got some good use out of it. For example, I had some MP3s on my computer that were dupes, and I used an Applescript to delete 'em, but because I suck at AppleScripting, it deleted all of the dupe copies. I was using iPD to get the songs back from my iPod.

  9. Some more on iPod Download

    Following up from my post the other day, I've found two more sites that talk about iPod Download not working with iTunes 4.7.

    Erik J. Barzeski appears to agree that it's not such a problem, and suggests users just go into the Terminal and copy th...

  10. I haven't had any issues with Apples generally liberal and fair DRM, but I haven't upgraded iTunes in some time either, since my 160 gig firewire disk that housed my Tunes took a dive... I think I had ripped about 90 to 120 gigs of my CD collection at that time.. I had not bought that much from ITMS because I do not have broadband at the moment.

    I could pay DriveSavers a minimum of 800 dollars to even look at the 160 gig drive to see if it could be recovered, rip the CDs again over several months (I think I figured a minimum of 200 hours needed to rip), from a collection, which by the way, has been damaged by a basement flood and would have to be manually cleaned along the way, or I could perhaps, save a bit of time by bringing 20-40 gigs of tunes on my iPod directly back to a new library file.

    Not keeping a backup is expensive, but backing up itself can be expensive, when you are looking at this volume and the time involved. Another firewire drive, multiple disks through a DVD burner (CDr? don't make me laugh) have not been brought into the picture yet.

  11. [Ed: comment removed because author, who couldn't bother to leave an actual name or an email address, was unnecessarily rude. He (or she) came from here. Comment remains "commented out" if you care to look.]

  12. [Ed: comment deleted as it gave instructions I consider unsavory. Furthermore, the author STILL can't follow a very simple rule: leave a real name and email address. Author is very close to simply being banned.]

  13. John Gruber's rant back at Cory Doctorow has once again painfully reminded me how stupid otherwise intelligent people can be. Not John, but Cory - who brain farts so hard he's got to clean the bowl. Cory's like this sometimes,...