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QotD: Sexy Word

Question: If you had to select the sexiest word in the English language, what would you choose?

My Answer: "sensuous" is nice, what with all that hissing going on.

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8 Responses to "QotD: Sexy Word"

  1. I like "virgin."

  2. May be a stretch, but I select :


    Ya, it's a product name, pluralized, but sorta has that sound.

  3. "Voluptuous."

  4. "Aesthetics"

    Something about that word simply does it for me.

  5. Fellatrix

  6. As Jeff Foxworthy points out, "sensuous" is a popular word in the South, as in "Sensuous up, get me a beer!"

  7. NSLog(); - QotD: Sexy Word

    NSLog(); - QotD: Sexy Word: My favourite Sexy Word would be: Outrageous. I know that it's not a word...

  8. Yes.

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