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Wow. The Rasterbator can create some pretty amazing rasters. Upload an image and you'll get a PDF - 20, 84, 96, 100! pages - that you can print.

I've sent a few images through the Rasterbator, and I'm seriously considering hitting a neighborhood Kinko's to have them printed. It's gotta be cheaper (and faster) than printing on my inkjet, and I could have color prints made.

I hope that this service sticks around for a few years: it could come in quite handy. Wowee. now I just need an application that lets me arrange the pages of a PDF on my screen so that I can see how my rasters turn out! 🙂

4 Responses to "Rasterbate"

  1. Be careful, this means LOTS of work if you want to remove the white border around the individual sheets. I've printed an image on 8x4 sheets, this is what it looks like putting the sheets on the floor: raster.jpg.

    After 1.5 hours of work, I've got them all cut out and tacked together, now it looks like this: raster2.jpg.

    Pretty cool! (BTW, I took that photo when I was at Miami Seaquarium.)

  2. What web browser are you using this in? I've tried OmniWeb (WebCore), FireFox (Gecko), and Mac IE. It gets to the scaling step, and the flash file displays, but when it asks me if I'm sure if I want to continue, and I say yes, nothing happens. It just stays there. I have Flash Player 7... what web browser did you use with it? I haven't had any luck.

  3. Safari worked OK for me.

  4. I used Camino without any problems.