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Shaddup Already

You know what's more annoying than seeing political advertisements on every TV channel? Being told to vote by every friggin' blog in the world. Shaddup already! I voted three weeks ago! Do you honestly think anyone is going to vote simply because they saw a "go vote!" post on a blog? Grrrr... Like Justin, I look forward to the day when blogs return to their typical purpose.

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20 Responses to "Shaddup Already"

  1. I think that it is nice there's a grass-roots movement this election cycle to help get out the vote. It's better then if nobody cared.

    PS: Remember to vote!

  2. I myself am glad at the level of awareness in this election. One day or twenty of voting enthusiasm isn't going to hurt anyone; in fact, it will most likely help. Given that our democracy is considered extremely participatory when only 50% of the eligible population votes, I'd say we could use a little more political impetus from blogs and the like. I myself tend to ignore all the clout and partisanship, yet the basic message still remains the same: you need to get out there and do your part in this country's political system.

    In other words, why bitch about it? Suck it up; typicality isn't everything.

  3. man, shit, it sucks that all these services you paid for are going off about.... oh... wait... oh yeah, free.......

    It may get people who have no idea what day it is remember to vote. It is just a reminder to do something that is important. livestrong yellow.

  4. Oh come on. There's a large portion of the population that doesn't vote and no "go out and vote" message is a bad message. Just ignore it. Even if nobody changes their mind about voting it's still great to see that people are involved with it.

  5. I'm bitchy because I'm allowed to be. Do you honestly want someone who doesn't even know what day it is to vote? If you don't even know what day it is, you're an uninformed dolt that I don't want to vote.

    Grass-roots movement? There's no grass-roots movement. At the most, 40% of people aged 18-24 will vote. Lah-dee-freakin'-dah.

    And Danny, some of 'em are paid for. And even if they were all free it doesn't mean I can't voice an opinion: that seeing "go vote" 200 times today was annoying as heck. Who cares, Jeff, if I can "ignore it." It's a waste of time.

    The phrase "Go Vote" is now a "delete immediately" filter in my aggregator. 😛

  6. just wrote about this myself a few minutes ago. Except I didn't vote 3 weeks ago and am not voting today.

  7. You missed my Vote or Die entry.

    What did you think of the South Park episode?

  8. When is voting anyway?

  9. The irony is that you've had a *lot* of political entries over the past couple months yourself, going off on how bad Kerry is and the like. So... for fear of being called a hypocrite, I wouldn't complain if I were you.

  10. Uh, Jo-Pete, what's that have to do with anything exactly? This isn't a "Mac" blog, nor a "technology" or a "Cocoa" blog. It's my blog. It's got just as much about fishing and shooting guns as it does about anything else. So… whatchoo talkin' 'bout Willis? While you ponder that, look up the definition of irony, too. 😛

  11. On the same hand, whereas Jo-Pete has no say in defining what your blog may be used for, what gives you any more sway in attempting to place any one blog into a certain category? Should not that remain up to the author, regardless of whatever pre-conceived notions of propriety for any one site have been formed?

  12. Uhm, nowhere on this site does it say what this blog is intended to be, but that's not true of other blogs or sites. I'm not attempting to place them into a category: they've already done that with subtitles, main titles, categories, and so on.

  13. I liked seeing all the "Go Vote!" and "I just voted!" posts in my newsreader. For many reasons stated above.

  14. Steve, none of the reasons posted above make any sense. So, great comment! Not. 😛

  15. "Do you honestly think anyone is going to vote simply because they saw a "go vote!" post on a blog?"

    well, maybe. or maybe after being inundated with 2348208 messages they just might. dare to dream right?

  16. Josh has commented here, and I've deleted his comment because he's too lazy to do his own research. Something like 31% of voters aged 18-24 voted in the 2000 election, yet he referred to my 40% estimate as "a statistic I pulled out of my ass."

    Josh also commented that we were seeing long lines at polls. Great - but what that has to do with "grass roots" movements is beyond me. The last grass roots effort I saw was from Howard Dean, and his name ain't on my TV set tonight.

    Josh also tried to make some point about "free" blogs, but failed miserably.

    Comments about "pulling stuff out your ass" are not welcome here, especially when they're surrounded by other points that make absolutely no sense and written by a person who's shown himself to be too lazy to look up a fact or two.

    This particular topic is pretty two-sided: either you don't care to see "go vote" a billion times today or you do. I do, and I think it served no other purpose than to annoy people.

    If ya didn't know today was an election or you were so unmotivated that you had to be told a billion times, I don't want you to vote because you're clearly not someone who actually cares enough to have done the research in order to make an informed decision. It's as simple as that.

  17. well all that "go vote" crap didn't work for the damn lazy 18-26 year olds. same exact lousy turnout as in 2000. Congrats, kids, you're opinions are still not worth anything, and you're continuing to be a marginalized demographic.

    you failed, MTV.

    you too, New Voters Project.

    Lucky thing for Bush, i suppose.

  18. Hey Erik,

    If you don't want to see all the vote entries, couldn't you make a rule just for today? I mean, you are the developer of a popular RSS aggregator with a filter feature ...

  19. He already said that he filters out "vote now" articles...

    Some of my friends voted for Nader, and they regret it because they feel they could have made a difference by going to Kerry. Some of my friends voted Kerry, and now feel they went against their conscience to no avail. I embraced my right not to vote, and I'm just happy the MoveOn and vote-or-die folks have been sobered up and are quieting down.


  20. Most of those "go vote" people sure have shut up today, eh? 🙂 No more comments are necessary on this entry, though I'll leave them open anyway.