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CJ Chief of Staff

CJ, contrary to my guess that they'd surprise everyone and go with Tim Matheson (John Hoynes), will be the next chief of staff on West Wing. As a result, Toby will once again tender his resignation (what a schmuck sometimes) and the writing will undoubtedly continue to decline in quality.

4 Responses to "CJ Chief of Staff"

  1. What really is annoying is that we have a friend that is on the show (background fodder) and she has finally moved up enough to be seen many times per episode. She was Toby's secretary last night, which prompted us to hope that it might be a permanent role. Alas, I think she should be looking for another "boss." I'm with you in thinking that Toby's days are quite numbered and that the writing is in need of help.

  2. You know... I hate to say this... but sometimes they can't the story lines straight... I think Will should have been the chief of staff... however you chould see that the writters where hinting at it thru the entire show... but where did the story line get lost? Remember last year that where they had that Frontline like version of the show... day in the life of piece? I'm fairly sure they ended it saying CJ Craig is the only woment to ever serve two full terms as White House Press Sec.

    So much for that...

  3. Yeah, I thought about that "behind the scenes" thing too. 😛

  4. I totally called that one. I want some dap. 🙂

    Having Will jump into the Chief of Staff role would have made even less sense in my opinion. He already left his post as deputy comm. director to be the VP's Chief of Staff. I don't think you can quit a job like that in the Executive Branch and then get rehired with an even more prestigeous one. Of course, the fact that the VP's Chief of Staff hangs around the White House so much is already bad writing in and of itself.

    Josh wouldn't have fit because he will forever be in the doghouse as the guy that lost the majority in congress.

    Toby is, well, Toby. What more can I say about him? 🙂

    Personally, I think a new character would have spiced up the role a lot more than just pushing CJ over. Bring in new blood that has a totally different way of running things compared to Leo and stir the controversy amongst the senior staff. Maybe that is what will happen with the Press Secretary post now. Any guesses on who is taking that job?