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FSS Theme Updated

Dan has updated the FSS Theme he submitted back in October. The file has been uploaded to the Resources page (under "Themes") but, as of this writing, the updated snapshot has not.

Two big changes include:

  1. The thin black outline surrounding the content will change color to match the label that has been applied to the current article. This outline will expand to a thickness of 4 pixels when the label is non-black - but, only if JavaScript is enabled in the 'Web Display' pane of the PulpFiction preferences. Note that if JavaScript is not enabled then the outline will still change color - but thickness will simply remain 1 pixel.
  2. The favicon image associated with the website (as seen in the 'Feeds' drawer) will be displayed next to the subscription name (website) under the article title. If no favicon is available then a generic question mark will be displayed.

If you've got a theme of your own (they're surprisingly easy to create!), submit it to us and we'll post it to the site and mention it here.