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Fucking Stupid

Calling anyone who voted for George W. Bush "fucking stupid" is a great way to come together, to compromise. The GOP could do everything in its power to unite the country, as Kerry called for, and it still wouldn't happen because Kerryites, four years from now, will still be calling everyone "fucking stupid."

How mature.

P.S. My friend Seth, on the other hand, is mature.

21 Responses to "Fucking Stupid"

  1. I wouldn't take anything that person said too seriously. She says alot of things that piss people off so just ignore her.

  2. Thats rather amusing, but you should check out how some one else decided to lash out.

  3. Can't we all just learn to agree to disagree?

  4. Luckily things that people say in blogs really has not a lot of impact on the real world 🙂 Someone (or a lot of people) insulting kerry/bush supporters doesn't really mean anything in the whole scheme of things. Take for instance,'s flamewars 🙂

  5. Agreeing to disagree is fine. It's the way things should be, except that agreeing to disagree seems to mean "no more debate," which is not how things should be.

    Carla: I chose that link because she just happened to be the straw that broke the camel's back. I've seen "oh my God, Americans are fucking stupid"-type comments all over the place today.

    Arcterex: I disagree. Take for example Dan Rather and his "documents." Bloggers had an impact there. Of course, if you're being more tongue-in-cheek than I am sensing, ignore this. 🙂

  6. Oh I know, but speaking from experience, she does not posses any tact. 🙂

  7. Yeah, I hear it a lot too. Mostly from college kids who voted for the first time. I will admit that I voted for Kerry, but I'm not upset with a Bush win. My life will go on as will everyone else. We need to unite behind Bush, or this country will not progress. I get pissed when people start talking about leaving the country. These are the idiots who have no clue what freedom and a WORKING democracy really, truly is. Study the politics of the UK or Canada and be happy to be an American. Sorry to rant on your blog................I should get my own.

  8. Indeed, it has been an incredible to watch all the media rage after this re-election. However, out of curiousity, Erik: I would like to ask you (as a Bush supporter and voter) three questions (which might help me understand what is really going on in your country):

    1. Did that huge budget deficit that was built up under George W. Bush have any effect on your voting considerations?

    2. How does one justify the invasion of another country that has never attacked yours nor declared war against yours?

    3. Does a good transatlantic relationship with European countries mean anything to you?

  9. Here's the same subject from a more left perspective.

    I voted for Kerry, but I must say I'm annoyed at the Kerry supporters who say things like "Time to move to Canada". Voting on the President isn't the only way that people can be involved in the government. Get involved in local politics. Write to your representatives. Every time I've written to my senator, I've gotten a personalized response. Once, I received a hand-written response. Voting for the president is the beginning of the democratic process, not the end.

    If you're passionate about an issue, don't give up after one battle. Fight for it.

  10. I agree that calling everyone who voted for Bush "fucking stupid" is very immature, but so is trading one generalization for another.

  11. What does 'unite the country' mean, anyway? I've heard that all over the place for the past few days. The elected officials are going to do whatever they want, regardless of whether I disagree with them, at least until close to the next election when they'll start pandering for votes. And I'm not going to suddenly start supporting pre-emptive war and huge budget deficits, just because W was elected.

    Perhaps you or Brad

    We need to unite behind Bush, or this country will not progress.

    would like to explain?

  12. Only 51%? I never assumed that fucking stupid people all voted for a particular party, but thought that there were plenty of fucking stupid people to go around. Can we amend it to at least 75% fucking stupid? I'd be willing to go around 85-90%, but I don't want to get greedy. Can a fucking stupid person realize how many other fucking stupid people there are? What if they are too fucking stupid to estimate correctly?

    One last thought: is "fucking" being used as a gerund or as an intensifier? If stupid people are fucking, then the percentage is likely to go up.

  13. I agree that saying things like that are counter-productive. But I think you should understand that these people making these claims do not represent most Democrats nor most of those who voted for Kerry. I could find you just as many people who have said "anyone who votes for Kerry is an idiot" or "hates America" or "supports terrorism." "Kerryites" hold no monopoly on idiotic behavior.

  14. Ralph, ya don't get to ask the questions here. I didn't vote for Bush, I voted against Kerry. My answers are irrelevant, because I'd have to prepend them all with "but Kerry would have done worse, regardless."

    Furthermore, people are simply being ignorant if they think the world without Saddam is worse than the world with Saddam. I fully supported the invasion of Iraq and the establishment of some form of government there. Anyone who opposes this is probably someone who would walk by without helping as someone else is being beaten on a street corner.

    Matt, great comment. I'm posting that link again because it's so good. Summary: "half the country isn't stupid, we all are."

  15. Brian, you've hit the nail on the head: the vocal people are heard. The silent masses in the middle are not. I'm reading "Americans are stupid" and "half of my country is stupid" posts left and right, but rarely do I see any "well, gee, that sucks, but I'm going to keep on battling and do what I can with what I've got" posts.

    The vocal extremes - left and right - are heard. Voting gives you a very small voice. Write to your congressmen, extend your voice, and scream louder. But scream with a purpose, with an intent, and don't waste your lung power simply calling people names.

  16. The only person thats stuid in the whole thing... is the person who is upset at the other person for not understanding why they dislike canadate x but unwill to understand why that person likes canadate y.

    I don't agree with people who voted for the president but i can understand the reason they think he should be re-elected... many of those reason I disagreed with...

  17. Erik: "Anyone who opposes this is probably someone who would walk by without helping as someone else is being beaten on a street corner."

    Pretty hypocritical if you ask me - the world is full of people being treated like that but it seems that Dubya doesn't give a flying f*ck about it as long as there's no oil involved. If you look at what US soldiers did at Abu Ghureib and at the fact that the US imprison people at Guantanamo without a fair trial, your argument becomes even more questionable. Yesterday a German newspaper wrote: "after low carb and no fat diets, the US have finally invented faschism light", and while I find that comment too extreme, it looks as though I wouldn't want to be that somebody at the street corner who is waiting for your help these days.

  18. I am also only observing from the outside looking in and you can disregard my input as you wish.

    I am not a US citizen, I am an Australian, a citizen from the “rest of the world”. Yes we were also one of the 3 original countries that sent troops to liberate Iraq. I wonder whether George W was referring to Australia, UK and the US when he was talking about the axis of evil ;). And yes we have also recently re-elected that same government that took us to war with an increased majority. This does not make us stupid, it is how our democracy works. It is different to the US system, we have compulsory voting across the whole country and we do not have the winner-takes-all system (IMHO you need to get rid of this). We vote for a local representative and the party/parties that can form a majority coalition forms the government and elects our Prime Minister. Similar the the Canadian system.

    I do not think the debate that you are all having should be about "stupidity" or whether you have elected the correct president or not. I think you should all be putting your efforts into fighting against the loss of freedoms and liberties that your government is slowly taking from you all. You should be putting your energies into greater tolerance and greater acceptance of differences between races, idolisms and beliefs. This is the fight you need to be focusing on both within your borders and the rest of the world. It is your duty as citizens of your country to be every vigilant of what your elected government is doing regardless of whether you are republican or democrat, black or white, Christian, Muslim or Buddhist, etc. That being said, tolerance and acceptance does not mean conversion or assimilation. It would be a very dull world if we were all white Anglo Saxon Christian capitalists living in a democratic country.

    Since 1999 I have spent about 2 months of every year in the US. Since 9/11 I have watched as your government has used fear and the so called threat of more terrorist attacks on your country to slowly bring in draconian policies such as the homeland security and patriot acts. They have started wars in foreign countries based on false information, they have basically undermined the UN and managed to create rifts between countries who were once your allies. I still wonder how you all as citizens have allowed this to happen.

    To give you an idea of how far it has gone from an outsiders point of view, as of the 1st Oct 2004 I cannot enter your country without being finger printed - this applies to all non US citizens except Canadian – are they US citizens? 😉 . I do not have a criminal record, my finger prints are not linked to my passport in any way and this does not validate that I am who I say I am. I am not a terrorist, I am not a criminal. I have not even committed a crime. My finger prints will also be kept on file and I do not have any rights in how my finger prints can be used or to which government agencies they can be used by. Sorry for being sceptical but this measures is not going to catch a terrorist as a suicide bomber does not go through passport control more than once. All this measure is doing is leaving a bad taste in the mouths of those who visit your country.

    One piece of advice that I do offer is read the web sites of the foreign press. Read what the press are saying in the UK, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Canada, etc. It will give you a better perspective on how the policies the US government are affecting the other countries in the world and why there is a growing anti-US cry from the rest of the world.

  19. Voting for Bush OR Kerry makes you stupid.

    Welcum to Amurika!

  20. "Today's Empires, Tomorrow's Ashes" They American economy is going to crash, just look at the market, you can see how greed has got you really far in the world economy, I mean If only a few selected people took thier money out of the banks you would be fucked instantly,they don't even live in your country so they wouldn't give a shit ether it's actually kinda sad anyway you do the math!!

  21. i think it is funny that i typed "fucking stupid" into a google bar and this is what came up...weird huh try it....

    type in google backwards (elgoog) and google will be backwords make shure you click on "I'm feeling lucky to make it work.