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Tell Us, Not Them

This is a tad lame:

We're eagerly awaiting these developers to follow the leading example of ecto that already supports TextMate in their beta version. So if you're impatient, do write the developers of your favorite FTP program and ask them for TextMate support. We'll be cheering for you.

The authors of TextMate, while writing support for the ODB suite, could have easily written to us to let us know that they were planning to support ODB. Instead, they tell their users to tell us. Guys, you could have saved yourself - and your users - a whole lot of trouble if you'd just let us know your plans a few weeks ago.

An upcoming FTPeel update will add support for TextMate and an option to include alternating colors in list view. It should be out on Friday.

2 Responses to "Tell Us, Not Them"

  1. Agreed, the amount of work for you to support TextMate has got to be trivial, where as for them to support ODB probably took more time. Given that it is only in a beta release, they really should have sent an email stating that they had ODB support in their latest beta, please consider or add support to your FTP client for us. Then when that failed called upon the grass roots efforts to get it in.

  2. Caleb Jaffa, Actually I did write Panic w/o getting a reply, and I did get requests from users for a lot of programs I'd never heard about -- so the post was primarily just meant to stop people from writing me, and write the author of whatever program they wanted supported.

    Of course we should have written the authors of all the programs mentioned. I apologies for that!