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10.3.6 and, uhh, Safari 1.2.4

Localized String Not FoundI ran the 10.3.6 update and everything seems to be working nicely, except for one silly thing... what's up with my copy of Safari? Not sure what to make of the contextual menu I see now… other than to suggest that I'm missing some localized strings. I've run both the Software Update update and the full 10.3.6 update to no avail. My permissions are fine. Dum dee doo… I doubt this is a widespread issue, but it's certainly one I'll be looking to fix.

12 Responses to "10.3.6 and, uhh, Safari 1.2.4"

  1. Looks like you had Safari 1.3dev installed previously...

  2. Makes sense, since those strings aren't localised anymore. What about just trashing Safari and running the full update again?

  3. Yea, I'd say you either have/had a copy of the 1.3 seed installed or maybe a third party extension, like Saft or something that mucks with the CM settings (don't know if Saft does or not, just one I've heard of).


  4. I've had that since before 10.3.6 came out, when I reinstalled Safari from download because something became corrupted.

  5. I removed Safari 1.3 dev from my Applications folder, downloaded 1.2, installed it, and then ran the 10.3.6 update. Not sure what else to remove before installing stuff all over again…

  6. Okay, removing /System/Library/Frameworks/WebKit.framework and reinstalling did it.

  7. For those of us in the same boat, where is the standalone Safari 1.2 download?


  8. Nevermind. I should have looked before asking.

  9. I see you found that you needed to delete webkit. This is a problem I and many others encountered after upgrading to Panther and the solution was posted over at

  10. Thanks for posting this comment.. solved my issue with safari after the upgrade as well.

  11. Mac OS X 10.3.6, Safari and "localized string not found"

    So, I upgraded to Mac OS X 10.3.6 yesterday, even though I knew I should wait a couple of days...

  12. Thanks for making my day a whole lot easier. Googled the menu error and came straight here, copied Erik's procedure and now it works perfectly.