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QotD: Transsexual

Question: Should someone who began life as a man be allowed to compete in sports as a woman?

My Answer: I vote no. I don't think that a person undergoing such an operation should have to give up much at all, but the privilege of competing against natural women (for lack of a better phrase) is one of them. Men, or people born as men, are typically stronger, have better hand-eye coordination, etc. Here's a shot of the individual responsible for this question, Mianne Bagger.

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5 Responses to "QotD: Transsexual"

  1. Well, I'm torn on that one... but I have a more important question: How many years of therapy am i going to need for thinking (s)he's cute?

  2. My vote is also a big NO for the same reasons. @Eric Vitello: a pair of new glasses instead of a therapy might also help ya 😛

  3. Actually, if you read some of the articles about her, she explains that the hormones reduce physical strength as one of the first side effects. She says that she can't match the distance a lot of the other golfers get off the tee, but her short game and putting are very good. I don't know how well she is doing, but I don't think she is exactly dominating the game or anything - which would imply that she doesn't have an unfair advantage.

    I'd say good on her - I think that she is very brave.

  4. i say no.

  5. As a transsexual, I would have to say that estrogen does take away upper body strength quite effectively. After twenty years on hormones, most women could probably kick my ass.

    I had always thought that we transsexuals would have an unfair advantage in sports, but scientific research indicates that we actually don't - otherwise Ms. Bagger would never have been allowed to play.

    It can be a slippery slope. What about genetic women who clearly have more naturally occuring androgens?