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QotD: Boob Jobs

Question: Why do so many women get boob jobs?

My Answer: One of two reasons: to feel better about themselves, or to make others feel better about them (i.e. to impress men). I don't particularly feel that either is a healthy mindset, but I'm also a realist, and one who appreciates confidence. If spending $8,000 on a boob job lands you a better career (see yesterday's QotD), then they pay for themselves.

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5 Responses to "QotD: Boob Jobs"

  1. Women get breast augmentation because 99.99999% of us men are breast men.

  2. Her breasts look awful!

  3. The IBTC just isn't vocal enough.

  4. Women might get breast augmentation because they place their identity in either their feminity, thier physical appearance or the way that others view them.

    I think that it is an identity issue and that the women desire more than breasts. They are wanting an enhanced identity.

  5. Women get breast augmentation to lift their self-esteem and to become more associated with being a "mature" woman. I must say that as a large chested woman, having larger breasts does not make life easier. You attract less quality men, you have a harder time finding shirts that fit properly, and if you are athletic you will have trouble with high impact aerobic activity. Granted, my smaller chested friends think that I am crazy for my thoughts, but having big breasts is not all of the luxury. Many of these women should learn to love themselves instead of trying to gain confidence from media images and celebrities.