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Need: iSight Attachment

Hey, anyone out there got the magnetic iSight attachment thing-a-ma-jig for metal displays? I need that little stand - and none of the others.

The kit includes four multipurpose mounts: a magnetic mount for new Anodized Aluminum flat-panel displays, a flat-panel iMac mount, eMac and desktop mount, PowerBook and iBook mount, along with three FireWire cable adapters and one FireWire 6-6 pin, 1.8m cable.

I need only the magnetic mount. If anyone has it - because they bought the "iSight Accessory Kit" - and doesn't need the magnetic ones, let me know. I'm willing to work out a trade. Name your terms! 😀

9 Responses to "Need: iSight Attachment"

  1. I've got one. It's all yours, just take care of shipping.

  2. How is a magnet going to adhere to Aluminum?

  3. Heck if I know Richard, but I'm willing to give it a shot! 🙂

  4. Got it today Chris, and it works great. Thanks.

  5. Anyone else have a magnetic isight mount that they are willing to trade or part with if I pay shipping? Thanks!


  6. I just bought an iSight to use with the iMac G4 I bought last year. I have the magnetic mount plus two others, but none fit on the 17" flat panel screen of the iMac G4. Do you have that mount? I would be appy to trade.

  7. Is there anyone else out there that wants to trade or part a manetic mount. I am willimg to send them any/all of the other three mounts?

  8. I need that magnetic mount too.

    Any help is appreciated.

  9. I've had an isight for over a year and unfortunately mine didn't come with a magnet mount! I was surprised to not find ANY on ebay either! I just got a mac pro with a cinema display, so if anyone else has a mag mount they'd like to part with, I'll gladly send $5 plus shipping. THanks!