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QotD: Beer

Question: What's the most you've ever paid for beer?

My Answer: Beer at the R.E.M. concert was $8. I've never paid more than $3 for a beer, and that was in a pub or a bar. No beer was purchased last night.

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4 Responses to "QotD: Beer"

  1. Beer in CA is typically $4.50 a pint for microbrews (Sierra Nevada, Sam Adams, etc.) in bars. Bud might be $3.75 but I never drink it. So pricing is different here from what you're used to.

    A pint of beer in the Fairmont Hotel last week was $6.41, damn.

    But Pac Bell Park (now SBC park?) where the Giants play is $7.50 for "premium" beers which basically means any beer that doesn't spend $150 million/year on commercials during sporting events. I think you can figure that out -- but a baseball game is expensive. Maybe they wanna make it cost a ton so you don't have enough coin to get drunk 😛

  2. €20... or about $25 and it was a 0.25liter beer even. At Maxim in Paris, I coughed a bit when I got the bill.

  3. Ohh, one last bit. $7-8 is the usual price for a beer here in Denmark, in pubs, cafe's, discos etc. It's 0.5liter so I think, less than a pint right?

  4. I have paid around $8 at a Tiger's game, but I generally stay away. Depending on the bar, beer prices are between $2.50 (for domestics,) and$5 for imports (Guiness Draught for example.) I used to drink Guiness exclusively, but it was too costly. I generally stick to a domestic — Stroh's if it's available. If we're having a "boy's night out," I try to find a local bar that is having $1 domestic beers, or some other special. One of my favorite beers is Rolling Rock, which seems to be considered an import, although it's from PA. It really ticks me off when a bar charges a outrageous premium for imports – like $5 for a glass of Guinness Draught. I've been to some bars around town that only charge $3.75.