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Apple Mailing List RSS Feeds

pulp_fiction.jpgGet 'em while they're hot here. Though another feed aggregator or two are listed, you will naturally want to subscribe to these feeds in PulpFiction.

It's fun that mailing lists are now available as RSS feeds, and PulpFiction aims to make your RSS feeds more like a mailing list. 😀

P.S. It sure would be nice if Apple properly set the "creator" in these feeds… Perhaps to the portion of the sender's email address prior to the "@"? It'd also be nice if entries contained the full content, not just the first two lines.

7 Responses to "Apple Mailing List RSS Feeds"

  1. I don't know what to think about this - the feed contains about two lines from the original mail - you cannot follow a thread properly and you don't have that much to read either. Many of those postings contain source code which is the really interesting part and you don't get to see it because it's way down. It's a nice touch that you can reply directly to the list, but then again I wonder how many mails you're going to answer if you haven't read them completely. Another problem (for me) is that some lists such as webobjects-dev refresh only on a daily basis which does not really reflect the activity of that list.

    I saw the announcement and subscribed instantly but when I saw it I thought WTF - where's the benefit over subscribing here? Seems to me that they just _had_ to do an RSS feed and did not give it a second thought - as though they were infected with Robert Scoble's "it's gotta be RSS or I'm not gonna read it" attitude 😉

  2. As a side note (and a bit OT): I also wonder why they had to f*ck up the layout on that page for Gecko browsers - the bottom bar is somewhere in the middle of the page. I did not check the HTML but if this is Apple's way to say "welcome, Firefox 1.0", it's not really a good thing. C'mon, Apple, it's not that hard to do a compliant site.

  3. Funny how you can talk smack about a compliant site, yet when you click on one of the REFERRING tags at the top of your own site.. you get far from a compliant site as well.

    Talk about the pot calling the kettle black, eh?

    You should stop wasting people's time and bandwidth with your small minded, insipid comments.

  4. Darren, WTF are you talking about? Clarify (and justify) your rant - which makes absolutely no sense - or it will be deleted as pointless and rude.

  5. I'm not saying Apple's code is great. I'm just saying that this site isn't compliant either.

    The truth can hurt, can't it?!

  6. Dumbass Darren, as you will henceforth be called, realize two very simple things that dramatically undermine your childish "points":

    Ralph posted a comment complaining about problems with Apple's site, not me.This site validates just fine. Occasionally it fails to validate, but I really don't care, especially given point 1 of these 2.

    So, enough of you.

  7. Darren: I am by no means Erik in disguise and what I said was I don't know what the heck Apple did with that bottom bar to make it render like that in Gecko browsers. I have never seen such issues on another of Apple's pages. So attack me if you have to attack somebody and try to come up with a nice XHTML-compliant site yourself if you need to criticize Erik.

    BTW, Erik: my apologies for initiating this futile off-topic discussion, it was not my intention.