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Shania FBI Warning

Shania FBI Warning

I wonder if by copying they mean ripping to high-quality AAC and then giving to my thousand closest friends for "personal use." Joking.

Regardless, such a blatant message - complete with a logo - on the front of a Shania Twain CD is rather… something. Annoying at best: the front of Shania Twain CDs should be reserved for pictures of Shania's midriff.

4 Responses to "Shania FBI Warning"

  1. I hope you ask the FBI before ripping anything, Erik, I mean to get their, uh, "authorization". Meanwhile, some Chinese guys get together and sing along to that old tune: "we don't give a sh*t about your D-M-C-A, we just ignore your D-M-C-A, we're just gonna ignore, we just don't give a sh*t" while they sell millions of their pirated copies along with some movies to European tourists (I'm not kidding, er, well, they don't sing...) 😉

  2. You know what that warning reminds me of? Those "Winners Don't Use Drugs" ads you'd see in old arcade games. Man, did those make a difference (/sarcasm)

  3. I guess since copy control measures are pretty screw up, they are using the "FBI" to scare us off. Next thing you know they will invoke Patriot Act on you if you happen to rip a CD

  4. Now I know what I want my tattoo to be.