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Delicious Doozies

Now it's just getting to be silly.

We sincerely apologize, but we accidentally left some expiration code from our beta program in the final version of the application you bought, so it stopped working today. We feel horrible about letting you down; we were working night and day the last few days before release and this just slipped through the cracks.

The only good news is that we've been working since our release to fix the biggest problems you've been experiencing, and this new version adds the ability to correctly look up items from other Amazon stores around the globe.

Again, we apologize for inconveniencing you, and we hope we can win back your trust.

Previous problems are here and here. This wouldn't be so much of an issue if I hadn't received the above email nine times. It's laughable at this point.

My review stands: 5.5/10. If you could call it a review…

One Response to "Delicious Doozies"

  1. Wow, that's funny.

    If you need to catalog books and want to use a program which looks like it has actually gone through QA, save yourself the trouble and download Booxter. A license ($15) plus a $10 CueCat scanner costs less than that other program. And it, uh, actually works.