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Mac Geekery

codepoet is looking for a little help: what don't you know?

Mac Geekery hit a standstill because I don't know what I know that you don't. That is, I have the time to write, and I know a good deal of topics, but to me they all seem trivial. Of course, most of what I wrote already seemed trivial and everyone ate it up (mostly). So, what areas of the Mac are unclear or need more information about them? What do you want to know about? What do you want to do? If it's on a piece of Mac hardware, it's game (ie. Mac OS X, BSD, Linux, older Mac OSes, etc.).

Drop by and lend a hand, eh?

One Response to "Mac Geekery"

  1. Thanks for the extra noise. 🙂

    You have, however, somehow linked the TrackBack CGI. The article is here.

    If there's anything at all anyone wants to know, post it on CP and I'll have at it. 🙂