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MSN Search Sucks

I have determined that MSN Search, like many things from Microsoft, sucks. I conducted a scientific study which consisted of searching for the word "Erik" - my blog was not returned within the first three pages (after which I got sick of clicking "Next"), yet is within the top ten results returned from Google. Google is good, MSN sucks.

Also, their favicon absolutely sucks (in Safari, not so in Firefox).

6 Responses to "MSN Search Sucks"

  1. Um, so, it sucks because you're not in the higher rankings? I felt the same because Google once had me as top site for "Boston Sucks", but the truth is that the Beta site is returning more pages than Google ever has for somethings... (like my last name - it found stuff has Google never known about). Guess it depends on what you want a search engine to do.

    I do like the way Safari works with the favicon better than IE does though - that I agree with.

  2. My tests with the MSN search engine have been very favorable. My business site shows up on the first page (sometimes the very first result) for my key search terms. So I am happy with them =)

  3. Randy, do you lack every possible bit of humor and/or sarcasm detection?

  4. For technology related posts? Unless it's marked with <sarcasm></sarcasm> tags… especially when ya make a valid point about FavIcon.

    Oops, sorry, did I spill some irony on yer shoe? 🙂

  5. Ahh yes, the ultimate test of a search engine's validity - the vanity search.

    I'm somewhat annoyed (but don't really care, my site's too esoteric) that even if you search for the name of my site, the only results from my site are some strange deep links (ie. no the homepage).

  6. Well... this page does turn up as number one for "msn search sucks". 🙂