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West Wing: CJ’s Day

Y'know, I'm not nearly as disappointed with last night's episode as Jeff. The biggest problem I had was the rapidity with which CJ adapted to her job: she's crying to Leo one second saying "I just don't think it's gonna work out," we go to commercial, and we come back to find her shutting up the Secretary of Defense.

I've already written several times about the quality of the show post-Sorkin, but the most recent episode was one of the better ones: it got back to the "team chemistry" while mixing in some new people. The rapid-fire repartée is still gone, but at least we got into the characters a little more.

In thinking about who should be the new Chief-of-Staff, CJ is actually the only valid choice. Toby is too easily rankled (and too good at crafting the message), Josh is good at what he does (and Jimmy Smits points this out in the episode), and Will Bailey is off doing his thing, is the most junior cast member, and looks like he's 29. CJ has been, by necessity, involved in every aspect of the presidency simply because she's had to announce it all.

So, I'm still down on West Wing a little bit, but not nearly as much as others might be.