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Cabel's gotten a lot of virtual ink over The True Story of Audion, and it reminded me of the stories behind some of our software, in particular the names behind our applications.

FTPeel, PulpFiction, iChem, Rock Star, and iWipe all have their original names. We never seriously consider anything but the above. FTPeel fit far too perfectly with our company to necessitate competition, iChem, upon completion, was about the fifth "iApp" ever, iWipe was too funny given the eventual proliferation of "iApps" to ever change, and Rock Star is a great name. PulpFiction was our development name, but we came to realize that it was quite a good name given the actual history of pulp fiction (comic books), and the inclusion of the word "pulp."

Booklet used to be called Bookie until someone threatened to sue us. We changed that - not a big deal.

MailDrop, for the longest time, was called "MeMail." You know, "personalized email." Gag. MailDrop is a great name, and given our original logo (see below), also fit really well. Other names tossed about for MailDrop were MailBlast, MailBomb, and MassMail, none of which convey MailDrop's actual purpose and all of which seem to imply that MailDrop is great for sending spam (it ain't).

FSS Logo

All of those products are of course available at Freshly Squeezed Software. For now, anyway: anyone want to buy iWipe and/or Booklet? We're looking to sell 'em.