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QotD: Survivor Vanuatu

Question: Who do you think will win Survivor: Vanuatu?

My Answer: Regrettably, Ami.

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4 Responses to "QotD: Survivor Vanuatu"

  1. They still make these things?

  2. yes, they still make them!

    I was hoping Hot Sheep Herder Dolly would win, and then I thought dolly.. but now I think it is between Serge and the dude with a metal leg, who is cool.

  3. Danny, you on drugs today?

    You were hoping Dolly, then you thought Dolly?Sarge was voted off last night.

    Plus, do you really thing Chad is going to win? He's down 6-2, gals to guys.

  4. Regrettably, Ami - indeed. She reminds me of Jerry from Survivor Australia, but with more brains and bitch factor.