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An excellent piece about the blithering dolt and longtime NSLog(); nemesis Robert Scoble can be found here.

Robert, you're working for the company that raised "We rule, burn the heretics" to an art form. Oh IBM started it, and Apple may have dabbled with it a bit, but Microsoft, oh god, Microsoft has made Us vs. Them into their own personal playground. Their disinformation campaign against the iTMS and the iPod is only the latest example. To be a Microsoft evangelist and wonder "Why can't we all just get along" is doublethink writ large.

An entertaining read to say the least.

7 Responses to "Scoble"

  1. I just don't know whether Robert's response is equally entertaining. The most entertaining thing about it is that he does his utmost (in his own strange way) to make a point against this posting and applies the very same tactics all over again. I think we should define a new word here:

    to scobleize: to apply the maximum possible amount of bigotry to one's own attitude when trying to blog about Microsoft's version of reality including but not limited to repeating Microsoft's own marketing babble as one's own opinion when the site disclaimer states the contrary. Alternative definition submitted by Erik J. Barzeski: Microsoft's Ho

  2. This makes up a fine example of writings overemphasizing everything to make a point. If Scoble is on one end, NSLog guy is on another. Both of them distorts everything they can grab on their hands for the way they want to paint the picture. The way they try to make feel readers that Ballmer is trieng to insult general population and trieng to get readers on your side is pathetic. Well, Ballmer is right, music on most iPods or any portable players is indeed stolen and everyone knows that. Haven't you got more Led Zeppelin then anyone can ever have? How so? I'm asuming you have lots of rares downloaded from P2P. I'm not a pro-Microsoft or fan of their Windows-only strategies but it made me laugh when you were trying to make a point that Apple is more open then Microsoft. LOL! Give me a brake! Apple is the worst-case-scenario that exist in mainstream software for being closed from the deep within - starting right from the hardware level. I don't know any straight forward way for any other online music shops to sell their music on iPod unless they bow down to Apple and pay hefty fees or are willing to their share profit. As far as Scoble is concerned, he is good guy getting confused in a place that doesn't absolutely coincide with his values. That happens with every other employee working in this industry but they have to sing along to make their break and butter. Haven't you ever supported your employer anyway even when you thought they were on the wrong path? But Scoble has lots of hope and I think, from the way MS internals have opened up and making an example for every corporation to come out and encourage blogging internals, I think he is doing pretty good job. Still, I don't think MS policies makes them lovable huggable company but they are still the best in the current crop. I tried to install Mandrek linux - which is considered easiest to use flavor of linux - other day and even before installation I needed to solve host of different problems. Probably thats why your son and 90% of other people haven't completely switched to Linux or Mac - because they either suck or cost much much more. If any other company has guts to do it better, come out and show rather than crieng about MS monopoly. I'm prepared to give them my desktop. If not, they are probably better off shutting their mouths off and working harder.

  3. Shital, clue to you: paragraphs are your friend. So is good spelling. Eeek! I'm not reading all of that.

  4. Erik, Mr. Shah posted the exact incoherent rant at (you'll note he forgot to delete the "Led Zeppelin" bit when he copied and pasted, which works as an amusing non-sequitur as it's posted here.)

  5. Yeah, Sr. Shah actually double posted his comments. I guess the moderation message wasn't clear. I answered it, i figure, what the hell, he took the time to ramble, I should take the time to dissect.

    What's funny is that Robert just totally avoids the main points I had which was that Microsoft has created, or greatly exacerbated both the problems he's sad about, yet, he doesn't seem to mind when it's his paycheck causing the problem.

    but then, he's a cheerleader, that's his job. So, Kai the mouthpiece!!!

  6. Sorry, but I found your insults quite disgusting. If you think you will get respect by calling a guy working for Microsoft as an idiot, you are wrong. You just show that you are not the type of the person people would want to talk to. You are lucky that Scoble linked to you, because there is no way I would visit your site. Maybe you can learn something from your mistake, althogh I think you wouldn't. You would probably just keep showing yourself calling people stupid and idiot.

  7. Thanks for reading the articles and making a statement that made sense, Mike! Oh wait, you didn't do that…