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Steelers 24, Brownies 10

steelershelmet.jpgDespite a pre-game mix-up that resulted in ejections for Joey Porter and William Green, the Steelers defense once again played superbly, shutting down a Cleveland Browns team that's heading in the wrong direction. The Browns managed to score only after a massive kick return to the 19-yard line and once when the Steelers put in second- and third-stringers late in the game. The Steelers put up 27 points (it should have been 31 - Bettis scored from the 1-yard line, but Cowher didn't challenge the play, and the field goal snap was bad resulting in a miss).

The week started off with Gerard Warren's dumbass comments about going after Ben Roethlisberger's head. In what could have been a letdown week, that comment alone fired the Steelers up to take down the Girl Scouts Brownies.

The Stats from today's game, with my commentary:

                     Steelers      Browns
1st Downs               18           12       Lower than usual this week
3rd-Down Conversions   7/15         2/10      Last year our 3d Down % sucked!
Ints/Return Yards      2/0          1/-2      Ben's INT was a bomb downfield
Fumbles/Lost           0/0          3/2       Brownies can't hold onto the pigskin
Time Of Pos.          36:00        24:00      Puts the Steelers #2 all-time so far
Net Yards Rushing      180           68       Bettis 103 + a stingy defense
Rushes                  47           22       Pittsburgh is a running team. Duh.
Net Yards Passing      120          160       Ben does what he has to do every week
Comp./Att.            10/16        12/25      Only two catches w/9 more passes for Cle
Sacked/Yards Lost      2/14         4/14      The D harrassed Garcia all day long
Touchdowns               3            1       Browns scored on our third team

In years past, the Steelers would play lousy opponents poorly and often lose. This year, they're playing as well as they need to win (and then some) each week. Bettis had a solid 103, as I mentioned earlier, hopefully shutting up those who say he's gotten old and slow, but the offensive line starred today.

The score should have been 31-3 (or 10, or 0) - Bettis was in. But whatever… Next week the Steelers take on the Cincinnati Bungles.

P.S. Suck It, Jeff!

One Response to "Steelers 24, Brownies 10"

  1. Fun fact: I work at the parking garage right across the street from Cleveland Browns Stadium.