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QotD: Smoke

Question: Do you smoke?

My Answer: Hell no. I like my lungs pink.

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12 Responses to "QotD: Smoke"

  1. Never have; never will.

  2. nope

    but why do some people who are smart smoke? Don't they realize it... kills them?

  3. Smart people do stupid things.

  4. Additictions aren't usually based on logic. 🙂

  5. Hell yes. Early and often.

    As for the question of why smart people smoke, the a priori assumption that all things that preserve life are automatically the "smart" thing to do is fallacious. As is the case with any and all activities and substance choices, one must weigh the risk versus the reward, and for me, the pleasure of nicotine in the morning is well worth the notion of having another 10 years of life after 70 years *without* nicotine in the morning.

    Besides, everyone dies of something. I shall drink, and I shall smoke, and I shall go mountaineering. Any and all of these could kill me, but I have little interest in a life without these things.

  6. My answer is generally "not cigarettes." I smoke marijuana a couple times a month. More recently I've developed a taste for Black and Mild cigars, but again, thats a couple times a month thing.

    As for why... why do we (as smokers) need a reason? I mean, its our body and whatever we choose to do to it is our responsibility and we'll pay the consequences. I really think mns summed it up well.

  7. Yeah, especially after starting law school. I do run a lot to make up for it though :-/

  8. QotD: Smoke

    Well, my answer is not any more, but i smoked (cigarettes) a lot, for about 10 years.

  9. QotD: Smoke

    Question: Do you smoke?

    My Answer: Yes. Although not that much. I started smoking the Summer of 2001. Yes contrary to the norm I started smoking after turning 18. Smoking Marlboro Light 100's with Mr. Rice on the steps of the Moris/Guthrie ...

  10. Ugh. Why would I want to fill my lungs with a toxic compounds?

  11. No. Never tried it.

    mns, even though the nicotine gives you pleasure it seems that you haven't fully weighed the costs of using it. You left out the facts that it makes you smell gross, stains your teeth, limits your dating choices, (though the same can be said for not smoking) and makes you less appealing in general. You probably know these things and still would choose to smoke, but it would have been more convincing and humorous to see them in your comment.

  12. Here's an interesting article about some of the hidden costs of smoking that smokers rarely seem to consider.