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Episode II: Clone of the Attack

My friend Seth has a funny image on an entry called Goodbye Sanity!!. Good stuff!

2 Responses to "Episode II: Clone of the Attack"

  1. My first thought last... yes that is a sad yet funny image, and a very true statment.

    My first thought: I have to agree with Seth thoughts… Replacing Powell for Rice… my gosh man has the world gone nuts? Powell was a beacon on hope and sanity and up till his U.N. speech he was seen as an honnest broker for US foreign policy… nothing that Rumsfeld, Cheney, nor Rice can provide. Looks as if the Red trying to include the blue is now gone... it was nice while it lasted… of course the Dem's will give anyone who Bush appoints the the Cabnit a passing grade… he could even replace with rod paige mary kay laterno and the epa head with the captian of the exxon valdez…

    All the dems power and focus will be on the judicial nominies… its funny the right hates the idea of courts making laws yet they try to pack the bench with judges that tend to agree with their ideology on "social" and "industrial" issues as they will most likely rule they way the like… such as striking down some labor safty laws, enviromental laws, and womens rights.

  2. I haven't seen that image in months at least. It's pretty funny I agree. 🙂