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Haloscan TrackBacks

Someone's been TrackBacking my blog, but not doing so properly. They do so via Haloscan (which, last I checked, was a third-party way to have comments on your blog).

IP Address:
Title: QotD: One Change
Weblog: Lowtech
I must admit that i'm quite impressed by MacOSX features and capabilities. At leaat with Panther.

No idea what to do about that. The URL doesn't really go anywhere that makes any sense.

One Response to "Haloscan TrackBacks"

  1. I use Haloscan for trackbacks myself as Blogger does not offer it as a feature. Here's the blog that I think was trying to track back to you -- (I just searched for it on Technorati) and it's run by Giancarlo Rosso, which seems to match with the "rossog" in the haloscan tag (probably his username). Seems like Giancarlo is not filling out the Haloscan form properly and is not linking back to the URL of his permalink.