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Kerry Cranky and Indecisive

Heh, this made me laugh:

For instance: "Kerry was both 'cranky' and more indecisive than he was portrayed by the media." Well, Newsweek's Evan Thomas did say that positive press coverage spotted Kerry 15 extra points; and now we know why: the journalists totally held back on the extent of Kerry's crankiness and indecision. Fucking liberal media. Also, newsflash: "Teresa Kerry was a major 'distraction.'" Oh, and then there's this startling revelation: Kerry "never did learn how to deliver a speech."

"Indecisive" seems to be a nice way of putting it.

One Response to "Kerry Cranky and Indecisive"

  1. Fucking liberal media.

    Oh yes, that's what the U.S. is famous for -- these biased f***ing liberal mainstream media…