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Country Club Ways and Days

Well, having negotiated things properly, I am now a member of Lake View Country Club. I'm a yuppie elitist now. I'm one of the "upwardly mobile" youth. I'm country club snob.

Okay, I'm the same guy I was three days ago, but now I get to play golf at a great course just about any time I want which, thanks to a nice little warm streak, has been each of the past two days. The changes they've made to Lake View have been fabulous: they've removed some trees to let some more air flow and gotten the bunkers in tip-top shape. The course is wonderful, and as stern a test as I remember.

Lakeview Logo

I have a single membership currently (the club is closed Jan/Feb/Mar), but I'll be upgrading that to a family membership in early 2005. For those that can figure out what that means, yes, 'tis true.

Carey's lessons at the Golf Dome begin on December 2. She's worried that she's going to suck at golf, and despite the fact that I keep telling her that she will, she can't seem to let it go. I suck at golf. Tiger Woods sucks a bit less than I do, but even he only hits a few shots just as he wants per round (and less this past year). There's one perfect shot in golf - the hole-in-one - so expecting perfection is just plain ridiculous. Expecting anything within 54 shots of perfection is out of reach for most people. And besides, when she hits the ball, it's quite impressive for a beginner. I think she'll have fun in her lessons.

Anyway, I'm a tad off-topic. Oh wait, I don't have a topic. It's 2am and I'm rambling.

I caught up to my old high school chemistry teacher and played the last five holes with him today (4 scrambling pars and a lame bogey on the last). It was good to see him - he'd just signed up under the same membership drive I did, but back in September. Plays a nice little draw and addresses the ball on the toe. Played with a guy with a Pirates hat and a Steelers ball. (I'm reminded I haven't checked lately, and I now venture off to see what they have to say about the victory over the Brownies.)

Members pay for carts. Found that out the hard way today.

Going to bed now. Not really tired yet. Will take book to read.

P.S. I realize the title of this post is entirely ridiculous. Deal with it. 🙂