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QotD: Spamments

Question: I'm going to call comment spam "spamments" now. This new word securely embedded in your vocabulary, today's question is: how many spamments has your blog blocked? If you don't have a blog, how often do you see spamments on blogs?

My Answer: Here are MT-Blacklist's stats, which go back to about… uhhh… Let's say September 30, which is when I think I installed MovableType 3.1 and the latest MT-Blacklist.

Spamments blocked:         7570
Spamments moderated:        352
Duplicates blocked:          47
Blacklist - Strings:         76
Blacklist - URLPatterns:     44
Blacklist - Regexes:          0
Blacklist - FlexProtect:      0
Blacklist - Pending:        N/A

Yes, 7570 spamments blocked, and probably 320 or so of the moderated spamments were eventually removed as well. FWIW, I rarely see spamments on blogs because I tend to look only at new content.

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7 Responses to "QotD: Spamments"

  1. I rarely see spamments on blogs, unless they tend to be newer as most of my regular reads are pretty savvy.

    I formerly used wordpress and it blocked about 98% of my spam. the downside to that was that I couldn't stop the email notifications from coming without being notified of new comments, so off to expression engine i went - so far, realll quiet and i love it.

    spamments - you need to tradmark that 🙂

  2. Sorry. There is clearly prior art. 🙂

  3. For some reason, MT-Blacklist refuses to work on my MT installation.

  4. Spamments

    I read a great little blurb about comment spam on NSLog(); about comment spam, and he called them spamments.

  5. I have received about 5 spamments in total over the past year. I wrote my own blogging software as opposed to using an off-the-shelf one like MT. Thus I am largely impervious to the automated spamming tools that are out there. The fact that my blog is not super popular means I get few manual spams.

  6. I stopped counting after I started forcing people to register before they could post comments (since my blog only really appeals to people who know me, that's not really an issue). It took care of "spamments," spoofing and a large number of assholes.

  7. I was getting (and deleting, via script) 200 a day before I started using a captcha, now I'm not getting any. How many attempts a day now? Don't know, don't care. I like captchas. 🙂