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Golf Statistics Software

Golf statistics software, frankly, sucks. The best I've seen so far is actually an online piece of software. The best desktop software I've seen hasn't been updated in over two years.

That all having been said, I'm curious to know whether someone would be interested in working with me on a Cocoa (thus Mac OS X) golf statistics application. I've done a bit of work and come up with some lists of easily-tracked stats and I have a good idea for the UI. The UI will take very little time to write: the equations and database queries will take up the bulk of the time.

Later versions of the software would include charts and graphs, but the first version - 1.0 - would primarily be "here are some statistics, have fun."

If you're interested in working with me (and Freshly Squeezed Software) in creating this, let me know via AIM (iacas).

3 Responses to "Golf Statistics Software"

  1. While I would love to work on it.. I don't have enough knowledge of golf.. or the time. I am just wondering on your choice of db for this app. Are you going to wrap in your own database solution (ie flat file, or use a open source db that can be included with the app).. or use the one provided in 10.4.

    I am guessing you will use your own.. since you probably aren't going to restrict it to an unreleased system...

  2. I think it would be more interesting to incorporate in to a handheld device (i.e. my Blackberry) where the program would be much more useful.

    Something utilizing a mobile web interface, or offline syncronization would be extra handy.

  3. Kevin, thanks for your thoughts. Since they're basically the opposite of what I've said above… uhhhh… thanks for your thoughts.

    Alex, given that FSS has two or three products that use SQLite, I'll let you make your own (and now more informed) conclusions.