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Saturn ION Recall

Saturn is recalling 2004 IONs. I wonder if they were improperly charged.

4 Responses to "Saturn ION Recall"

  1. This was at the beginning of the year, what impact does it have now?

  2. Way to miss the joke, Matt.

    If November 14 is the beginning of the year where you're from, then Happy New Year!

  3. ~CHARGED~ IONS!! GEDDIT?? Impact? Better DODGE that one!!

    No, really Eric. Is this unusually early for a recall? Is the Ion some sort of super hybrid electric car, or something equally geeky?

    I think the fact I had never even heard of a Saturn Ion before, and the fact that you actually linked to the recall announcement, sort of acted as magical misdirection, causing many to miss the sublamity of the intended pun, if that was all that was intended.

  4. That's all that was intended, Bud. And my name is still not spelled with a "c." Also, sublamity ain't a word. 😛