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How Not to Persuade People

I'd like to support these Steelers fans, but after five minutes glancing around, reading their PDF, and so on: I'm not sure what they stand for. They can't watch the Steelers on TV because the NFL is… doing something else? I don't know.

2 Responses to "How Not to Persuade People"

  1. Click on the "here" in the top paragraph of the site, which takes you to

    "WHP is a victim of locality, falling squarely in the shadow of the city of Baltimore a scant seventy-five miles (and one Mason-Dixon line) away --- compared to Pittsburgh, which lies a continent-stretching two hundred miles in the distance. By rule, any station whose broadcast range is within 75 miles of a given team must televise the away games for that team, even if it conflicts with audience preference and, apparantly, whether or not the team even resides in the same state."

    The NFL says that WHP cannot broadcast the Steelers because, due to the fact that Baltimore is 75 miles away, WHP *must* show Baltimore Ravens away games.

    The NFL officially says (in the next paragraph), "any station whose signal reaches to within 75 miles of an NFL stadium is designated a mandatory must carry market for away games. This is designed to establish the consistent availability of a team's games on the same stations when a fan can not actually go to a game."

    WHP says that "When the Ravens are at home, we can put a different game on including Steelers games as we understand that there is also a substantial Steeler fan base in the area. It is possible to obtain one time only waivers from a team to air a different game in a mandatory market but it is rare and only possible if a station is supportive of that club.""

  2. But I do agree, they do need to make their point RIGHT ON THE FRONT PAGE.