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QotD: Car Tunes

Question: What do you listen to in the car?

My Answer: My iPod. Occasionally a CD… but almost never the radio.

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9 Responses to "QotD: Car Tunes"

  1. Usually iPod, occassionally CD. Lately, the radio's only been for when I've forgotten either of the above or I'm listenting to some sort of game.

  2. What's on your radio?

    I also usually listen to my iPod in my car, the one exception is that I sometimes listen to The Drew and Mike show on WRIF (101.1 FM.)...

  3. In the city, the radio.

    On long trips, a mix of ipod (until the FM station I am broadcasting on starts to have a real broadcast) then CDs until I stop next and I can find a new station.

    My car doesn't have any way of directly connecting the ipod.. nor a tape deck. Their aren't even any after-market CD head unit replacements I can install. So while I have my ipod most often with me while I am driving.. I don't listen to it unless I am going a long way.

  4. For local driving:

    KNX 1070, the local CBS news station (most of the time)KPCC, a local public radio station (occasionally)

    On long trips, typically some mix CDs I made in iTunes.

  5. I listen to the local NPR radio station, or MP3s via my Sony Clie. Rarely (as in never) do I ever listen to other radio stations, especially since the local 80's station is now country.

  6. 99% of the time using iPod with iTrip FM Transmitter. I don't see a reason why we need to go back to a CD Player

  7. Since the car that I currently drive has no CD player (and like I would drag around CDs) and has a Japanese radio (so no higher FM frequencies), it's 100% iPod (via. cassette car kit).

  8. Question of the Day

    From NSLog();: What do you listen to in the car? Mostly KOZN 1620 AM (The Zone), Omaha's ESPN Radio affiliate. Yes, it's talk radio; and yes, it's usually mindless sports talk. But it's usually lighter fare than much of the...

  9. I only listen to radio while driving for traffic reports. If we had mass transit instead, there may be even fewer people listening to radio.

    Inside the home, the stations I might want to listen to, lower wattage left of the dial stations, simply don't penetrate the walls of the house. I have almost never used the 'receiver' component of the common stereo receiver. For most purposes it should be called a preamp/amp combo, but 'receiver' is easier to say.