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Apple Blogs

Are there more Apple blogs to come?

While I was an "Apple blogger," I was threatened with being fired if I didn't cease to comment on any and all things relating to Apple, despite the fact that I also develop software for Mac OS X and never (well, not really) divulged on my blog that I was an Apple employee.

I too know of about 30 Apple employees with blogs. Most don't even mention that they work for Apple. Those that do are far more likely to talk about their cats than their day jobs. So "Apple blogs" is a bit of a misnomer, usually - except when applied to blogs located at, that is!

4 Responses to "Apple Blogs"

  1. No comments = blech

  2. I don't blog because most of the stuff that happens at work because nothing significant to the general public happens, like the stolen roll of return labels or some kid smashing up an eMac keyboard.

    Your "May 2" post from 04/23/03 was the trigger for me that you worked for Apple, because I was pretty much in the same boat. 🙂

  3. I know one.. And she does blog occasionally. But never about work... well except for during WWDC. Her blog is also set up so that no entries past a week or so are visible.

  4. i know a whole bunch of folks at apple who blog. we generally don't blog about work, though. john does a bit, though. (It's good stuff.)

    Who threatened you?