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Wedding Bands

I went to Bedford yesterday to do three things: accompany my mom, visit my grandmother, and stop in to see my uncle. My uncle is a jeweler, and so my reasons for seeing him were quite obvious. Carey and I had previously both visited my uncle, but this time I was going alone.

I managed to pick out my wedding band: titanium, 6mm, size 9, and "brushed" half-round. The closest I can find online is this with platinum instead of gold (choose the "White Gold" option to get a general idea). I also picked out Carey's wedding ring. On Sunday we'd picked out something like this: Diamond Channel Set Milgrain Band in 14k White Gold, but I found something I liked more, jazzed it up a little, spent a little more, and am happy with my choice. I won't say any more than that because she reads this stuff.

Funny how my wedding ring is 1/20th the cost of hers. 🙂 Oh well… once I get my uncle the right size (we think she's 5½, but we want to be sure), I'll have the rings. So, before Christmas - weird, exciting, etc. Apparently I wasn't supposed to pay for my ring, by custom. See? But disagrees. I really don't care, truth be told, and am just happy to be moving in this direction.

6 Responses to "Wedding Bands"

  1. sweet dude, let me know when the wedding is! 🙂

  2. Congratulations on taking that next step.

  3. remind me to keep my girlfriend away from here...she keeps pushing me to pop the question and is totally wedding/baby obsessed. 😉

    Congrats man - it sounds exciting.

  4. :-}

  5. Carey and I drove to Bedford yesterday to pick up her ring. I'd already picked it out a few weeks ago, and mine was waiting too. We drove down, picked it up, had lunch with my grandma, and drove back....

  6. Carey and I have set a date for our wedding: Friday, May 27, 2005. I was born on March 23, 1978 and she on October 27, 1977, so have at it numerology freaks. 😉 We'll be married by a soon-to-be...