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Ads in Feeds

Question: How do you think advertising will affect your use of syndicated content?

My Answer: Jeremy offers up his opinion - and I hope that advertisers implement his suggestions. I don't believe they will, though.

As I scan my subscriptions list, I find that only about 5% of my feeds are maintained by more than two or three people. In other words, 95% of my subscriptions are to personal blogs. Many of the others - things like Gizmodo and so on - are easily replaced by sites that publish similar content, so I don't expect them to go too hog-wild with advertising in feeds or they'll lose readers.

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2 Responses to "Ads in Feeds"

  1. Personally, as long as they don't go crazy with it, I am cool. Although, I hate looking at a feed that is only updated with content every so often, but has adverts posted to it once (or more) per day. I will tolderate some adverts, but not when they start matching or dwarfing the content in frequency. I am there for the content, not advertising.

    If it gets too bad, we will start seeing ad blockers for RSS and Atom, like we do for browsers.

  2. Ads in feeds have already affected me. For instance, I have so many feeds come in per day, I might search in PulpFictin for "iPod" to eliminate those feeds. ( I love my iPod, I just don't love the redundant loving on iPods spamming the feeds with 20 messages a day saying Mossberg or Bono just married theirs).

    But one of the sites that do put ads in their feeds, might be advertising Bose speakers for iPods or such, that might have nothing to do with the article being about ipods (that is, actual news or comment) Might I eliminate those feeds as well unread, just to keep my stack of reading more manageable? I'm sure it has happened.