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‘How Did You Propose?’

I continue to get questions like "is there a date set?" and "how did you propose?" and "did you book a band yet?" These questions come from friends who should know better. While I appreciate that they're asking, I don't appreciate that they've failed to remember things I told them only a month ago.

So, let me post here before I become so annoyed by having to answer the same questions many times. Many, many, many times. And then some. 🙂

I moved back to Erie to be with Carey. I was quite happy in FL, for the most part, and though I despised the heat, the winters and fishing weren't bad. Neither was the golf. I moved back here to be with Carey.

I've never proposed - we talked about being married probably the first week we started talking again back in April. It's basically been a foregone conclusion, and one we both simply accept and look forward to. We talk about it daily and are excited, but are simply waiting until the time feels right and some other things fall into place.

There will be no "hoopla" - we'll be married in a ceremony with probably less than 40 other people present, if that many. It's not something that's going to require much planning at all. We're paying for it ourselves, for the most part, and so we really don't see much need to spend $15,000 - or even $5,000 - when we could much better use that money on a house, retirement, etc.

Neither of us really care to dance. Neither of us really think that dancing has much to do with committing oneself to the other. Perhaps we'll hook up her PowerBook and run through a set playlist - but I doubt it. I don't even know if I'll rent a tuxedo.

As much as I like tradition, I like doing things my own way as well. Carey's first wedding was traditional, so she's well aware of the fact that a "proper wedding" does not necessarily lead to a "proper relationship." Too often, weddings seem to morph from being about the couple and the bond they share to being about family and friends. As much as I care about family and friends, I owe them an apology - my wedding day will be about Carey and me, and more so, about "us."

So, I'll keep y'all posted, mmmkay?

3 Responses to "‘How Did You Propose?’"

  1. I've never proposed

    I see, you have an understanding.

  2. You know, Erica and I didn't even do that much. We got married on my lunch break from work. Heck, we officiated our own marriage (you can do that in CO).

    We thought about doing something on our 5-year anniversary, but now that it's about a year away, I don't think we will. Neither of us really wants the hoopla.

  3. How did I propose? Hmm-- that's kind of long and involved. Well, no. Not really, but I'd need more than a comment space to do it properly. I will say that everything that I planned to do when proposing didn't work out at all-- but it still went beautifully. 🙂