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Preview – Two Pages

It sure would be nice if Preview could be set to display facing pages. Or just two pages, side by side.

I regularly zoom to 130% - that fits a full page, with the toolbar (icons + text) on the height of my 23" display, but it leaves plenty of room. Hitting page down every page is annoying - why can't I view two pages side by side?

Preview isn't even scriptable, so I can't even open the same PDF twice, arrange the windows, set the left page to an odd numbered page and the right to an even number, and - via AppleScript and my programmable mouse, make them scroll down two pages apiece when I click my "page down" button.


6 Responses to "Preview – Two Pages"

  1. I am annoyed that I have to click the + button and make the window bigger every fricken time I use preview. I wish it would remember my settings.

  2. Dustin, you can set your default zoom settings in the preferences.

  3. The source for preview is available as i recall... 🙂

  4. Bug reports and feature enhancements to Apple (free ADC login required). Much better than the various Product Feedback pages; with, you can track the progress and devs can ask you questions.

  5. I assure y'all that, as a guy with an email address, I've filed the appropriate bug reports.