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QotD: Board Games

Question: What's your favorite board game (things like Pictionary count).

My Answer: Trivial Pursuit - but I'm a fan of silly trivia. I like Pictionary quite a bit, but it's tough to find a fair match. I think Carey and I will give my parents and my sister and her husband a good run, though. We think too much alike…

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6 Responses to "QotD: Board Games"

  1. Risk and Stratego. I'm a military/history nerd!

  2. We don't get a chance to play it much since we've had the kids, but we just *looooove* Settlers of Catan. Absolutely brilliant. Chance and strategy both, works for 2, better for 3 or 4, plus extension kits available for larger groups.

  3. I second Dan with Settlers of Catan. I was introduced to the game my junior year of college. I bought the game for myself a couple months ago and a few friends and I have been playing it almost every weekend. I'll probably pick up the Cities and Knights expansion soon.

  4. Risk is my favorite board game. I like it so much that after the switch to OSX I was displayed by the lack of a good Risk game. So I wrote my own and now it's my full-time shareware business! Click my name for more info.

  5. Risk 2210AD is a really fun version of classic Risk, and easily my favorite.

    Risk with nuclear weapons and bombardment from the moon. Does it get better?

  6. I too really enjoy the Settlers of Catan games, we own 4 different versions / extentions. Looks hard at first, but anyone can pick it up in one game.