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QotD: Thin Walls

Question: What's the strangest thing you've ever heard a neighbor doing?

My Answer: My neighbor in Florida seemingly once tried - I emphasize tried - to sing opera. He was a 60-year old, beer-belly, balding white dude.

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2 Responses to "QotD: Thin Walls"

  1. I have had the "how can they exert that much energy to lung power" sex next door, but am responding because I had an opera singer next door, who practiced with her spinet. Talented enough, but you start to think of them as cultural isolates... there isn't that much of the world around them that shares that particular enthusiasms for that niche.

    The weirder stuff was the apartment on the other side... what seemed to be tourettes laced drawn out verbal conflicts, that apparently could have been over the phone, but in every way seemed to be directed to someone else in the room, no cues or clues of a phone being in anyway involved. The only possible person taking the verbal abuse?...

    ...The fellows frou-frou terrier. She must have been a BAAD doggie.

    The argument never seemed to be about the type of bad behavior you would usually attribute to a dog however.

  2. It's not what that did-- it's what was said...

    Besides having wild, crazy, screaming sex, my neighbors would frequently scream at each other. Still-- thier forte was sex. At first, their bed's headboard was opposite mine so I in the middle of "Oh, yeah baby!" and the like, there was the loud bang over and over. I banged against their wall (No, not like that) with my fist (okay, I admit, that sounds even worse) to make them stop. But the piece de resistance you ask?

    I heard this loud and clear-- "I don't wanna do it up the dookie hole." And then the following ten minutes them, er, experimenting. Afterwards I could hear the same voice say, "I like it in the other hole a lot better."

    I fell off the bed laughing.