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Thanksgiving with the Fam

So Thursday was Thanksgiving. My sister and her husband (now about 18 months in) arrived just before 1 pm, and we sat around (with Carey) until 3 when we took off for my parents' house. The food, which was to have been ready at "3:30 or 4," was not actually ready until five, so we were quite hungry.

After dinner we played a rousing game of Pictionary (Carey and I think so much alike that we had no problems winning after we became comfortable with each other's style) and Trivial Pursuit, 90's edition. The questions in this version of Trivial Pursuit border on being insultingly easy. In the "Wired" category, for example:

Q: In 1993, this company delivered more mail messages than the USPS.
A: America Online

Well duh! I think that Carey and I got about 2/3 of the questions correct. My sister and her husband and my parents probably got about half. Carey and I landed on the center three separate times but couldn't get any of the questions right, though, and my sister and her husband pulled from being down six pieces to three to pull out a victory ("What browser company invented 'cookies'?" - real freakin' tough :-P).

Friday Carey and I met the foursome for dinner, then saw Friday Night Lights at the dollar (fifty) theater. Today Carey and I went ice skating (I need new ice skates - mine really cramp my feet, and I'm beyond the point where I just try to be macho about it). We'll be going shooting in a few minutes… And tomorrow, I don't know.

That's my holiday weekend. How was yours?

One Response to "Thanksgiving with the Fam"

  1. I think we sit on the opposite ends of the holiday spectrum... seeing that I spend the entire weekend sick and worked many many hours more than I would have liked (for a friends company)... however I can't complain about the pay rate.