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Redskins 7, Steelers 16

steelershelmet.jpgDuce Staley sat again, and again Jerome Bettis rushed for 100 yards in a win that ended up being even uglier than last week's win against Cincy. The Steelers - the #1 defense - and the Redskins - #2 - allowed only 25 total first downs and 363 yards of total offense combined.

A win is a win, and I'll take it. The Redskins managed only one valid drive - of 79 yards in Q3 - and were shut down most of the rest of the time. The Steelers are now 10-1 and fighting to stay on top of a conference and a division. Contrast that with the NFC, of course, where 5-6 at this point in the season puts you in a wild card spot!

Plaxico was out today, and Lee Mays didn't step up at all. Randle El did "ok" as a receiver and ran his heart out as a special teams returner. Ol #77 on the O-Line let in far too many rushers, and was single-handedly the cause of at least half of our sacks and short running plays.

Duce - and Plaxico - should be back next week against the Jaguars at 8:30 Sunday night.