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AAPL + 3.89

Jeezus. I have 57 shares bought at $16.20. Value then: $923.40. Value today: $3901.08. I'm waiting until at least January (new tax year) to sell 'em. Then, the money goes right into a house. So, I hope it hangs over $60 for at least another 45 days or so.

6 Responses to "AAPL + 3.89"

  1. When I was short money this summer I sold the APPL shares I bought 3 years ago (at 19$) for 33$ - a nice profit.

    But I feel like a fool now.

  2. I bought a good number at $14 and sold at $23 as I wasn't expecting it to climb any higher. Fortunately my father who was following my advice bought a ton at $12 and has yet to sell them. Too bad it is only a paper profit currently, I fear that we could be in for a big fall somewhere here.

  3. I bought Apple years ago at about $19 when everyone was saying Apple was going down the toilet (okay when weren't they saying that). Being like 13 I had enough to buy 25 shares. A few years later Steve jobs was back aboard and Apple was back. I sold at $114 for enough profit to buy a car. Shortly after it split, then the tech bubble burst and Apple settled back to the teens and twenties. I would have liked to buy Apple stock again last year as I had a good feeling things were on the way up but college allows me no extra money to buy stocks. Still I am happy, I think I maximized profit off AAPL.

  4. Alex,

    You're not a fool. You made money. Any trade where you make money is a good trade.

    You can't worry about if you sold at the 'wrong' time. There's nothing to gain and it will drive you crazy.

  5. Like Alex, we sold all of our Apple shares last year, for financial purposes. Because we had bought the shares at various levels, I think the best we did was even out in the end.

    Erik, I would have advise to wait until after Macworld Expo to see if the stock price gets a post-convention bounce. 😉

  6. I'm hoping they cancel Macworld Expo. Everyone knows AAPL goes down whenever the company holds an expo or beats predictions. 😀