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Delicious Themes

Delicious LibraryIf you would like to download 50 new themes for Delicious Library, head on over to

If you would like a method of easily setting custom themes for your shelves or for your overall application, fire up your email and bitch at Because, after all, there's no real way to use themes except to install them inside the application's bundle. Launch, view theme, quit, replace with the next one, and try again. Repeat as necessary. Yes, some of the themes have an "installer" application. Still, the "quit/relaunch/run installer" thing can get pretty damn repetitious too.

Here's to hoping 1.1 adds theming "inside" the application (with a preview or "instant change" so you don't have to close the preferences to see the new theme). Themes should also be double-clickable bundles like Adium's.

2 Responses to "Delicious Themes"

  1. They should all have the installer inside of the ZIP. I packaged up 25 of them up, and all of those have installers in them. Maybe Phil got lax or something. :::shrug:::

    But yes, DM needs a Shelf Manager. I imagine it wouldn't be that difficult to setup. A simple panel with a table and a preview view would suffice.

  2. No preview needed. Just choose a theme in a popup in the prefs window and observe the window behind it (your library) change.